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Keyseating Machine

STUHLMANN Nutenziehmaschine 320-S/50
Baujahr: 1961

Keyseating Machine

THYSSEN Nutenziehmaschine HKZ 70/600
Baujahr: 1983

Gear Hobbing Machine - Horizontal

Baujahr: 1989


REISHAUER UL 1800 1998;
Specialprice1200.00 EUR

Band Saw - Automatic

Wagner WPB 420 A 1988;
Specialprice7400.00 EUR

Keyseating Machine

HAHNDORF HRY 1450 1985;
Specialprice4600.00 EUR
  EMUK GmbH is a international company, which deals with used machine tools. For more than 30 years we expot and import machines all over the world. Our stockroom is 3000 square meter and we permanently have more than 350 machines for sale. We are specialized in the " Gear Machines ‘‘ ( gear tester, cutting, grinding, sharping ... ). Please let us know, if you are interessted to buy or to sell some machines.

Used gear machines of the brands Pfauter Lorenz, Reishauer, Köpfer usw.

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