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Rack Grinding Machine HABRAMA PPSM 4200

No. 1058-20031
Category Rack Grinding Machine
Type PPSM 4200
Newin 2009
Control CNC Siemens 840 D SL
Location ab Standort
Origin Germany
Delivery time immediately
Freight basis from company
Technical details
workpiece length 4500 mm
work piece width 650 mm
max. module 22
grinding length 4200 mm
grinding width 500 mm
workpiece height 410 mm
control Siemens 840 D SL
surface area 390 x 5750 mm
table load 8 t
total power requirement 45 kW
weight of the machine ca. 24 t
dimensions of the machine ca. ca.7,2 x 10 x 10 m m
Workpiece length4200 mm
Workpiece widthca. 390 mm
Module - max.22
ControllerSSinumerik 840D sl
x-axis4200 mm
y-axis500 mm
z-axis410 mm
c-axis+/- 30°
U-axis105 mm
w-axis125 mm
Clamping area 390 x 5750 mm
Table load 8000 kg
T - slot ratio90 mm
T-slots - width18 H7 mm
Speed (X,Y,Z,C,U,W)21,10,6,2,4,4
Grinding head
Grinding wheel holders100 mm H5
Drive 45 kW
Rotary zah l4000 rpm
Cutting speed programmable constant 10-80 m/s
Grinding wheel width101 mm
Grinding wheel diameter max.400 mm
Bore diameter grinding wheel152.4 mm
Total power requirement100 kVA
Machine weight approx.24 t
Space requirements approx. 7.2 x 10 x 10 m

Equipment / Accessories:
- Incl. accessories
- Clamping device magnetic4 magnetic plates 300 x 1000 mm with stop strips
rear, push-and-return screws at the front and control for pendulum grinding
- automatic partition for pendulum grinding
- hydraulic clamping nut
- Flange
- two diamond abs
- Grinding wheels ceramic or resin-bound
- Grinding range up to module 22 special profiles freely programmable
- Coolant system with 2800 l coolant volume
- Coolant cooling unit 30 kW
- Chip trolley 400 l
- Full encapsulation
- Documentation - 1 set of manuals and plans in paper form + 1 set on DVD

No video available.
Stock-No. 1058-20031
Category Rack Grinding Machine
Type PPSM 4200
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